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February 15, 2012


Coach Purses

Oh wow.... Congrats... Best of luck for your future...

Waverly Wood

I enjoyed Burgess’ blog about education in America. I found it very informative and a pleasure to read.
Burgess addresses the No Child Left Behind Act. There is contentious debate about the success of the No Child Left Behind Act, and I agree that America needs to realize that high standardize test scores do not create the future leaders of our country. It would have been interesting to see a study about what standardize test scores really measure, do studies show that students with high standardized test scores are more successful than students with lower scores? If so, how are they more successful, academically, socially, or creatively? My guess would be that higher standardize test scores lead to more academic success (based on the way our educational system is run), but I would doubt higher scores lead to higher levels of creativity, innovation, or social competence.
I wondered whether Burgess thinks creative educational methods (education that focuses on more than standardized tests) is constantly needed at all grade levels or is more important to specific ages and grade levels? I believe that focusing on early childhood education is essential because when children enter preschool and kindergarten, their skill sets are most similar, and over time the educational achievement gap begins to widen. This leads me to believe that creative educational methods are needed most in early childhood education, and could possibly be used as a way to address the educational achievement gap.
I also enjoyed the section of the blog about human connection to nature. It would be have been interesting to introduce Tim Beatley's "Biophillic Cities" research here. Beatley claims that humans need to feel connected to nature, and that this is essential to producing happy, healthy, productive members of society.

Chanel Wallet

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Ferrera Hornsby

English and Math proficiencies are considered as bedrock for a child to develop his/her highest potentials. The education sector must focus on these areas. Administering standardized test is one way of advancing these important skills.

Ferrera Hornsby

In reality, the most applicable subjects are English and Math. They should focus much on these subjects.

Dorgan Bristow

Sense that I am an English major. I perfectly agree with you.

Emmerich Moorman

Yes I do agree with you too that English and Math subjects must be given more attention as they the basic foundation for the students to develop more his competence


Yeah, it is completely correct. 21 st century persons have good education as compare to before. Keep sharing !!

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