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February 29, 2012


Break Bulk Forwarding

Cuba was able to cope up with its food shortage problem and if a lot of countries would follow in its footstep, it would benefit them a lot.

Agribusiness Labour

Kudos to Cuba.

Matt Wertman

Ariel, I particularly enjoyed your article – especially the YouTube video that you posted. Cuba – for our generation, at least – is often forgotten when it comes to modern day issues. It’s wonderful to see that they have found a niche where in which they are a leader in the modern-day world.

Early next month, I’ll be leading a workshop at an annual gathering of Lutheran congregations in Virginia on this very topic. The concept of food deserts is alarming. Thomas Malthus once theorized that the world’s population would starve to death due to overpopulation and the inability to produce enough food. However, first world countries have been able to avoid this catastrophe through improved technologies – crop rotation, crop genetic mutation, etc.

Cuba is on the right track when it comes to urban farming. Other cities need to begin to follow suit. And like you pointed out, many have started to do so, but there are very few cities that have embraced the idea as much as Havana has. The United Nations is anticipating that nearly 5 billion people will live in cities by 2030. The world population is expected to grow to about 8.9 billion people by 2050. This would mean that over half of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. If we are to avoid Thomas Malthus’ prediction that the population will exceed the rate at which food can be produced, then cities and countries need to begin to follow Cuba’s lead.

Secondly, I think your article did a fantastic job of showing how small spaces can be utilized to grow small amounts of food for individual families and close-knit communities. Although, I believe that there is a great opportunity for large-scale production within our cities. I’ve often thought the concept of vertical farms seemed like a logical solution to a big problem. Certainly, cities like Detroit have lots of vacant land to utilize for traditional farming practices, but when it comes to a city like New York, it can often be difficult to find enough land to produce the amount of food that’s necessary. Perhaps these vertical farms are the solution for cities lacking in space.

I recently received an email that offered an old person’s perspective on sustainability issues. The email outlines an elderly lady who offers many examples of ways that their generation was far more sustainable than our own. Indeed, to this day, both of my grandparents still grow a garden. When you go one generation further, none of their children grow their own gardens. As Americans, we’ve settled on the simple solution of sampling running to the supermarket for all of our dietary needs. Perhaps the solution to our food shortage problem is not a governmental issue, but rather a societal one.

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