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November 29, 2006


Sandy Maxey

Frankly, I'm not certain the differences between slow cities and cool cities is really that great, at least from the street-level perspective. From this account, I recognize similarities related to authenticity and true "regional flavor", the development of the region's unique character. "More economic activity is genrated by regional brands based on high value products made from local natural capital." Creating a vibrant sense of place by linking businesses through joint marketing increases the power of Regional Flavor to contribute to economic health."(as described by June Holley, formerly of ACEnet and The Central Appalachian Network in Strategies for Sustainable Entrepreneurship)


My sense is that there are different levels of creativity at work within the entrepreneurial social infrastructure of various locales (I hesitate to say solely "cities" since the "region" is truly the economic engine of the 21st century). Cities within a region should be considered a federation of interconnected communities, whereby options are available for different types of consumers and markets. The slow cities notion reflects one type of city, which will be attractive to specific types of people. Perhaps "slow cities" are considered the small scale version of a cool city. Definitely authentic!

The "cool cities" movement has been co-opted by ED folks looking for the next silver bullet, and who then attempt to apply rote policies in some sort of pathetic ED macarena. Many policies have been created by those who lack the creative vision that God gave gnats. The creative economy is about leaders being able to recognize the assets of the community and garner a "collective wisdom" approach to community identity.

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