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November 09, 2007


Dan Bassill

Thanks for pointing your network to the T/MC conference, and urging people into actions that can help kids throughout the country. I've started diagraming my ideas using concept maps. Here's one that illustrates the different groups/networks that I'd like to connect to the issues of drop outs, workforce development, and programs like tutor/mentor programs.

My goal is to be able to put names of leaders/CEOs in each of these circles, and point to web sites, or blogs, like yours, so we can demonstrate who's turning words into actions, and learn from how they are connecting their peers, employees, friends and family, etc. with each other, and with places where they can become involved as a volunteer, leader, donor, partners, etc.

This is a research project better suited for a college, than for a small non profit like mine. I hope that by connecting on your blog, we might enlist one or more colleges to work with us on this network building project.

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