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April 24, 2012


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One would be hard-pressed to find a public policy area that has more potential for emerging policy ideas than housing and community development policy. There is an enormous amount of overlap between social welfare, urban, and housing policy that the assigned readings in our class only began to explore. I will attempt to organize some thoughts in regards to your post...

The idea for substantial public housing in the US first began in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century, going through many changes in form and definition over the years. The New Deal and Great Society established major precedents and models for public housing at the federal level, but left specific nuances to states and cities. The overarching idea was to create a sustainable establishment of shelter and homes for primarily poor and working class populations of people. It seems that to some extent, public housing has always existed in some medium between slums/ghettoes (primarily associated with destitute people) of large urban centers and low-cost housing that serves the lower middle class (broadly defined) through associated rent/real estate pricing. While most public housing developments and communities across the country (i.e. Chicago, St. Louis, and Philadelphia) have evolved into “second ghettos” and shown to be failed ventures (socially and economically), the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) proved itself in the way of creating viable and sustainable public housing. In a class I took last semester, we read Bloom's "Public Housing That Worked: New York in the Twentieth Century," in which he argues that it was primarily the superior quality of management that allowed for public housing projects in New York City to stand the test of time, even in the wake of economic downturn and social/racial rift that has plagued many urban areas of the US for several decades. In the expose and investigation of The Washington Post that you highlighted, many mismanagement issues of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in cities across the US were brought to the surface. Chicago, for instance, had squandered generous HUD subsidies in the 1970’s with little oversight and accountability on HUD’s behalf.

So these are now the questions that come to my mind: Is the secret to viable and sustainable public housing only good management? What external or internal factors (if any) were at play and responsible for NYCHA’s success with their public housing venture? How can HUD take lessons (or not) from NYCHA?

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Hay una enorme cantidad de superposición entre el bienestar social, urbano, y la política de vivienda que las lecturas asignadas en nuestra clase sólo comenzó a explorar. Voy a tratar de organizar algunas ideas en cuanto a su mensaje

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On aurait du mal à trouver un domaine de politique publique qui a plus de potentiel pour des idées politiques nouvelles que le logement et la politique de développement communautaire. Il ya une énorme quantité de chevauchement entre le bien-être social, urbain, et la politique du logement que les lectures assignées dans notre classe a seulement commencé à explorer. Je vais essayer d'organiser quelques réflexions en ce qui concerne votre message ...

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